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It is hard to see the dictionary windows. They often are covered by other windows.  Is there any way to avoid this?

Choose Preferences... > General and check [Bring dictionary windows to front after lookup]. The dictionary windows will be displayed on top of other windows after the lookup.

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My favorite search (dictionary) site is not registered. Can I add the site?

The possibility is high if you see the search word or the encoded form of the word (string like "%3E...") in the URL (address) of the search result page. Just copy the whole URL string of the searched page, and open Dictionary Manager... from DictJuggler menu. Then, you press the [+] button, paste the URL into URL field, and the search string into the Search Word field. If the site is registered in the Dictionary Manager, you can choose it from the pop-up window of the dictionary window. See Adding dictionaries with the URL Analyzer of DictJuggler Quick Start page for detail.

Also let us know the site via contact form page so that we can add the site in the next version of DictJuggler.

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There are too many windows. Why don't you introduce tabbed window?

If you think there are too many dictionary windows, close dictionary windows that are less used and use the pop-up menu in the dictionary window, which plays the same role as the tabs in the browser. When you switches to another dictionary, DictJuggler will automatically look up the word/phrase you specified before when you select the new dictionary.
If you think there are too many browser windows, how about using Safari mainly and using the Service menu to invoke DictJuggler. Using Service menu and a keyboard shortcut and Assigning a keyboard shortcut sections of DictJuggler Quick Start page explains how to use DictJuggler via the Service menu.

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Can I use Quick Lookup without using the mouse?

Type Command+/(Slash) and you will be able to type in the words in the Quick Lookup window. When you are using other applications, you can press Command+tab to switch applications to DictJuggler, and type Command+/ to enter the string into the Quick Lookup window.

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I do not use Quick Lookup window. How can I close it?

Just click the close button on the upper left corner of the window. Type Command+/ (Slash) to redisplay it.

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Can I look up hyperlinked words?

Use Command+click and the clicked word will be looked up. Preferences... > General > [When a link is clicked] lets you reverse the setting; If you choose [Look up the word], clicking the linked word will invoke dictionary lookup.

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Can I print?

No. Use other browser applications. Command+J (Navigate > Open with Default Browser) lets you display the page in the default browser.

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Can I display password protected pages in the Web browser window of DictJuggler?

Yes. Although DictJuggler can handle most protected pages, if, by any chance, it does not work properly, type Command+J so that you can browse with the default browser.

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Can I change the initial page displayed after invocation?

Choose Preferences... > Browser Window, and type in the URL in the [Home page] field.

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Can I restore the configuration of the windows next time I launch DictJuggler?

Yes. Choose Preferences... >  General > [When DictJuggler starts up] > [Restore the Status of Last Session].

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Which files are compatible with "one click lookup" function of DictJuggler?

HTML (Web pages), .txt (text files), .rtf (Rich Text Format), and .doc (MS Word files).

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Can I one-click-lookup with PDF files?

We are planning to include them, so please wait for the upgrade. As a workaround, you can open PDF files with Preview and use Service menu to invoke DictJuggler. If you assign a keyboard shortcut, you can invoke look up the word or phrase by just pushing a function key, for example (See DictJuggler Quick Start for detail). Or if you own Adobe Acrobat, convert PDF files to HTML format and open then with DictJuggler.

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Sometimes nothing is displayed in the dictionary window. Why?

Most probable cause is the overload of the server. Look at the status bar at the bottom right of the dictionary window. If it is disappeared, the loading process is finished.  If not, the server must be busy or something is wrong with your Internet connection.

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What are the differences between the Web browser of DictJuggler and other Web browsers like Safari?

DictJuggler's Web browser provides you basic functionalities of Web browsers.  It includes built-in one click lookup function, but there are limitations in DictJuggler; you cannot download or upload files, bookmarks and tab browsing are not supported, etc.

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Can I see the result of previous search?

Just click the [previous] button (the button with left-pointing triangle), as you do in other Web browsers.

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I would like to have one-click lookup feature for PDF documents or other application documents including Pages or iWeb. Is it possible?

Sorry, it is not possible for now. However, you CAN do ONE STROKE lookup, if you use Preview for viewing PDF Files. Also, you can use this function for other file formats (using other applications). It is VERY VERY convenient and worth trying. This one stroke lookup function works with any Mac OS X Service savvy applications, including TextEdit, Safari, Preview, Mail, Terminal, iWork applications, or editors like BBEdit, Jedit X etc., etc..

Follow the instructions below (with a little bit of caution, since it is a little bit complicated).

  1. Quit Preview (or any Service savvy application you want to use DictJuggler with) .
  2. Open System Preferences... from Apple menu, and select Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts.
  3. Select [Application Keyboard Shortcut] at the bottom.
  4. Press [+] button.
  5. In the new window, you type in or select the following.
    1. [All Applications] in the Application field.  (If you cannot select it, select another item first, then select [All Applications]).
    2. In [Menu Title], enter "Look Up with DictJuggler".  Make sure to follow the spell exactly or it will not work.
    3. Enter any key or key combinations in [Keyboard shortcut].   We recommend F1 since it is rarely used by usual applications (You have to press the fn key to use F1 key with some notebooks), but you can use whatever you like: Command+Option+F1, Command+shift+A, etc., etc., as far as it is not used by other menu items.
  6. Click [Add] to close the window.
  7. Close the System Preferences window.
  8. Relaunch Preview (or other Service savvy applications).
  9. Select the word(s) you want to look up.
  10. Press the keyboard shortcut you assigned (e.g. F1).
  • You cannot use this function from applications that are not compatible with Mac OS X Service, including Microsoft Office applications.
  • You must quit the application before you use the keyboard shortcut for the first time, unless you opened the application after the assignment.
  • Make sure that the DictJuggler application file must be in the Applications folder, or "Look Up with DictJuggler" will not appear in Services menu.
  • If the keyboard shortcut does not work properly try the following:
    • Restart your computer, invoke Preview (or the other application), select the text to be looked up, and press the keyboard shortcut you assigned.
    • Choose [Back to default] in System Preferences ...> Keyboard Shortcuts, and set the keyboard shortcut again. Also, confirm that the same key combination is not used by other menu items.

It is true that this procedure is a little bit complicated, but try until you succeed, it will work and very convenient!

If you assign a keyboard shortcut, you might choose the following setting in the Preference of DictJuggler.

  • In Preferences... > General, check [Activate DictJuggler when invoked from Service Menu].

The above setting makes only the dictionary windows pop up in order to display the search result.

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Is it possible to make Safari open a DictJuggler window?  I know that if I click Safari icon I can get the URL of the Safari document.  But It will be great if I can switch to DictJuggler from Safari.

Yes, you can. Display the "developer" menu by opening Preference panel of Safari.

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I only have a Windows machine and I want to use this software. What should I do?

Sorry, but we do not have any plan to port this software on Windows for now. (How about buying a Mac mini?)

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