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The URL of "Yahoo! Dictionary" has been changed

The URL of "Yahoo! Dictionary" has been changed. Follow the instructions below to use the site (Dec. 6, 2013)

  1. Select [Dictionary]→[Dictionary Manager]
  2. Double click [Yahoo Dictionary(...)]
  3. Copy the following string and paste it in the field next to [URL:]: http://dic.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?ei=UTF-8&p=
  4. Click [OK]on the right bottom
  5. Close the Dictionary Manager window.

New Features of Version 1.61

  • A bug fix in dictionary manager.
  • The icon has changed.

New Features of Version 1.60

  • Can open .docx file of Microsoft Word.
  • Can invoke Google search by entering word(s) in the URL field of browser widnows.
  • The icon has changed; "辞" means word(s) in Japanese.

New Features of Version 1.50

  • Now compatible with Mac OS 10.7.

New Features of Version 1.4

  • You can now switch off the one click-lookup function.
  • You can now copy the URL of the page on the dictionary window.
  • Updated the default dictionary list in the dictionary window.
  • A few changes in key bindings: Command+L hilights the URL now; Command+I imports Safari page.
  • Several bug fixes.

New Features of Version 1.24

The following features have been added to version 1.24 of DictJuggler

  • Crashing of the application on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) when closing browser windows has been fixed.
  • Service Menu name is now "DictJuggler". (It is easier to type and remember)
  • Combined Unicode character strings (ligatures) such as "fi", "ff", etc, are now handled properly (Google does this by themselves, but other sites do not handle this. So we added this feature in DictJuggler).

New Features of Version 1.2

The following features have been added to version 1.2 of DictJuggler

  • DictJuggler is universal binary now; Macs with Intel CPU now can run DictJuggler faster than before.
  • Guessing of basic (infinitive) forms of English verbs and nouns is added. Guessed form is displayed in the Quick Lookup window, and you can click the OK button to look up (search) using the guessed infinitive form.
  • When a URL is passed via service menu, DictJuggler browser window will display the URL.

Detailed Description

  • Dictionary Manager has been moved under the Dictionary menu, which is newly introduced. Under Dictionary menu, you see the following menu items:
    • Add... enables you to add a new search (dictionary) site. You search a word or phrase in the browser window, choose this menu, and enter the searched word or phrase. You will see the site added in the dictionary list.
    • Look up in Mac OS X Dictionary enables you to look up the specified word or phrase in Mac OS X Dictionary application.
    • Look up with Ultralingua enables you to look up the specified word or phrase in Ultralingua application.
  • Help > DictJuggler Support Page menu item is added.
  • Preferences... > General now has Quick Lookup and Other dictionary applications.
  • The browser now supports mailto: URL.
  • One click dictionary lookup function of Korean pages works now.
  • More than ten sites have been added to the dictionary list.


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