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第93問 英語の語彙の問題

次の文章を読んで、第3文最後の "ring true" がどういう意味か、下の4つの中から選んでください。(参考 drudgery = 単調で退屈な仕事)

"A Sudden Country" is a wonderful story. From a short diary kept by a then 11 year old ancestor, whose family joined the two thousand emigrants to Oregon in the mid 1840's, Fisher has woven a tale that captures you on several levels. The daily detail of making camp and traveling, the drudgery, the different reasons and approaches are all fascinating and ring true. The love story between the wife reluctant but obligated to follow her husband and the mountain man, whose own wife left him and whose children have died, is one of great stories about the intersection between passion and daily life. How to balance, how to choose, what to choose... It is small actions that make our larger choices sometimes.

a. 心の琴線に触れる
b. 実話である
c. 真実味がある
d. 真理を探究する

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Merriam-Webster Onlineの ring の項にも to have a sound or character expressive of some quality <a story that rings true> という説明と例があります。「ある特徴を示す響きや性質を持っている」という意味で、その ring に true(真実の、事実の)をつければ「真実味がある、真実らしく聞こえる」となります。

冒頭から "ring true" までを訳すと、次のようになります。


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